November -Russ G..... is the place that

you want to go for your dog sitting. Knowing that your  dog and family member are in the best of care. Whether healthy or ill, or in their declining years, Rafaela is trained and highly regarded for her tried and true approaches for 

 convalescent care through rehabilitation and even reinforcement training. As a care provider, you will find that your dog is in the best of hands, daily communications,

 emergency escalations if needed for declining animals. You will find no other service out there more comprehensive or caring. If you are looking to place your dog in the hands of a  loving provider you could not make a better choice. 

My Dog loves this service!
S T.
October 5
I have known Rafaela for many 
years and would highly recommend her for your pet care needs. Rafaela has a true love of animals and is able to relate to each one on an individual basis. I have complete confidence in her judgment, reliability, and most of all on her kindness towards all animals. She is able to administer medications as well as provide your pet's individual needs on a daily basis. Her fenced in yard provides a safe and pet-friendly outdoor environment for exercise and play. Choosing Rafaela will ensure your furry friend is being looked after by someone who truly cares for their welfare. Excellence in medical care !

Lynn S.
December 11
I am so happy I found Rafaela for my dog Juno. Rafaela

took care of her for the first time this week for 3 days. I was a little nervous at first but once I talked to Rafaela for a while I knew she was the one I would trust with my dog. She sent great pictures everyday, took Juno for long walks, and made sure she her special needs were well attended I felt secure and happy. When I picked Juno up she was not at all excited to go home, in fact, she chose to snuggle on Rafaela's feet instead of mine while we were chatting about her stay there! As long as Rafaela will take care of Juno, she will always be my first choice.



Rafaela has an Amazing gift. We were very nervous about leaving our 4 month old puppy Star with a sitter when we went on vacation. Rafaela took our worries away. Everyday of our vacation she sent us pictures and videos. Star played so much she slept the whole afternoon when we got back. We now take her for puppy play dates. As soon as we turn onto Rafaela's road Star knows where she is and she leaps out of the car when I open the door. I highly recommend Rafaela to anyone looking for a dog sitter! Everyone I encounter that has a dog I tell them about her!

Kody & Laine

June 5

Rafaela watched our greyhound Demi over a long

weekend, and we couldn't have been more pleased. We've had some tough experiences with dog sitters in the past, but Rafaela quickly put our minds at ease with leaving our beloved Demi in her hands. We received loads of pictures and videos of Demi on walks, lounging in the large yard, and sleeping on the couch! It seemed like more of a vacation for Demi! We will definitely have Rafaela watch Demi whenever the need arises.

Lore R.


Our little girl, Apple, was lucky enough to spend two wonderful weeks with Rafaela while we were on vacation. Apple has special dietary needs and care requirements.  so it is important to us we find someone with experience in specialized care. This was Apple's first time away from home and the moment she arrived she was so busy sniffing and playing that she didn't even realize we left. I was so at ease going on vacation seeing how happy Apple was at Rafaela's. Little did we know, Apple had a UTI before she arrived at Rafaela's which resulted in a nighttime emergency vet visit. We were 5,000 miles away when our puppy was very ill but we knew Rafaela was taking care of Apple just like we would. Rafaela always kept us up to date on Apple's progress. There was a night or two of little to no sleep when Apple was not allowed to have pain medicine. Rafaela laid with Apple and sang to her to comfort her. You don't get that dedication in any dog sitter but that is how dedicated Rafaela is to giving specialized care to the dogs she takes care of. Even when Apple was healing I could tell how much fun she was having in the videos and photos Rafaela would send. We all looked forward to and appreciated the daily updates. Even our young boys liked Rafaela when we did our initial visit. They said "she's the one for, Apple". We are so happy to have found someone who will care for Apple as we do. Apple is lucky enough to have many more visits with Rafaela coming up...I can see Apple's tail wagging as I mention Rafaela's name.

Patrick M.


I don't know what I would have done without Rafaela! I have a 

rescue dog who came to me fearful of almost every new person, animal, or situation, and as a result, in a nearly permanent fight-or-flight defensive condition. Rafaela took the time to know and understand him, and has cared for him with so much love and patience that he can now be calm and friendly where just a few months ago he would have been the exact opposite. She has created a life full of joy for this abused animal and I can't thank her or say enough good things about her. She has been truly wonderful!

Rose D.
December 1
Rafaela watched my Yorkie Max for 6 nights. I

have never experienced a more kinder and caring dog sitter as Rafaela .She really treats the pets as her own. She devoted all her time to Max. Rafaela made sure max played outside and had plenty of exercise. Importantly all medical and dietary needs were addressed beforehand. She also took him on long walks which he always loves to do. Max cuddled on the couch as he does at home. She really made Max feel like he was part of her family. I am so thrilled I found Rafaela to watch Max when I am away. I can have peace of mind knowing Max is being cared for by such a gentle loving person.

Al G.
October 10
I have known Rafaela for 15 years 
and she 

been a role model and caregiver to many lucky people. She has a love for animals and a passion for creating a welcoming and safe environment for her own dogs as well as those she takes care of for others. In addition, Rafaela has fantastic talent in creating organic dog food and treats for sick dogs - that would be a treat for any lucky dog she takes under her care.



Rafaela was a consummate professional and clearly

loves and knows how to care for dogs of all types. Our two dogs received excellent attention and care and had an enormous

amount of fun running and playing all around Rafaela's large yard. She provided numerous updates with photos and videos over the weekend, so we could see what excellent care our pups received. We would wholeheartedly recommend Rafaela, and plan to work with her to care for our dogs whenever we travel going forward.

Tee & Mercy T.

December 19
Rafaela really knows and 
loves dogs. As soon  as we met her, we knew we were in good hands and had no reservations about leaving our pug with her for 2 nights. Rafaela asks all the right questions and is very open. All scheduling and medical requirements were meticulously covered. Our dog warmed up to her INSTANTLY. She's great and we are very happy we found her. The only problem we had was trying to convince our dog to leave!



Rafaela is the best! Our dog loves Rafaela and has

a fun time with her. I'm confident that Luna is in great care and the daily communication is awesome because my kids love to see updates on Luna. We're so happy that we found her and her wonderful care!

Lori M.
September 30
Rafaela is a genuine animal lover and I completely trust her with my Maggie who is just as much a part of our family as any of us. She's very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience with sick pets. She's great!

Nancy V.
October 1
Having to go out of town, it is no longer a heart wrenching time because I know my dogs will be safe and well taken care of by Rafaela. I cannot describe enough what a relief it is to know that a loving and caring person like Rafaela is the one taking care of my Four-legged family members.



Private  Specialized Dog Sitter - Specialized Dog Care

Disclaimer: Due to the extensive testimonials/reviews we are unable to list them all  

Beth & Chris M.
December 10
Rafaela recently took care of my two labs while my husband and I had to be away on business trips. She took the time to have a meet & great with all of us beforehand to make sure both my husband and I, as well as our dogs, were comfortable. We went over all medical, behavioral and life support choices. I can’t say enough good things about Rafaela and the care she provides! It was comforting to know that my dogs were not only getting individual attention, but also in a fun, safe, loving, kennel free environment. Maple and Chai definitely had a wonderful time with the multiple daily walks, fenced yard to play in, and such a great companion to look after
them. I appreciated the peace of mind knowing my darling dogs were well cared for and it was wonderful seeing daily pictures of their adventures! I’d highly recommend Rafaela to anyone looking for AMAZING pet care and feel incredibly lucky to have her watch and provide the specialized care for our dogs.

Eric H.


Back in June, my dog Buddy

boarded his humans at the Jersey Shore while he went on vacation at Rafaela's. I can't say I planned it that way, but I think that's what actually happened. Rafaela took superb care of Buddy and I highly recommend her. We received pictures and videos everyday. She has a nice yard for running around and a trail in back for exploring (leashed of course). When we picked him up, Rafaela had even taught him a few commands (including hand signs which pleasantly surprised me) that I still use. 

Note: Now this isn't a kennel or a dog hotel at Pet Smart, so be respectful and communicate any change of plans as soon as you know them. Its the best private care out there! 

Tom G.                                                 
October 2019

Being a senior and a recent widower I found

myself in a house now occupied only by myself and my aging Cocker Spaniel Rusty. At 14 years old, Rusty was actually older than me in dog years and we were both beginning to show our age, although I never heard him complain. Since he had separation anxiety I didn't feel comfortable leaving him at home for extended periods so I tried several pet boarders in the area. He always seemed stressed upon return, probably because he had never been caged before. Then by luck through the vet, I became aware of Rafaela's specialized Dog care Service and fortunately it was near my home. 
After Rusty's initial evaluation he started “visiting” Rafaela on a regular basis and always returned home happy and full of energy. Unfortunately as his health deteriorated with heart disease and kidney failure, Rafaela was always willing to care for him. She administered his medications, kept an eye on him at night and even massaged his legs when he had trouble getting up. Loving attention above and beyond what I could ever expect.  Rusty spent his last day in Rafaela's care and she knew it was time, something I had trouble addressing, but also knew. Both Rusty and I are deeply grateful for the compassionate attention he received while in her attentive care. Rusty was a trooper till the end and I am comforted knowing his last days were pleasant. 

Kaleigh A.
January 5
Left my special needs eight 
month puppy, for

our first time apart, with Rafaela. I was a complete "mom dropping her kid off for the first day of kindergarten" but she calmed all my nerves with a home visit before I dropped him off. She really paid attention to my dogs current schedule and made sure to keep him on it. He loved taking long walks on her trails and chasing squirrels in her garden! She truly loves all dogs and all of their individual quirks and personalities. My puppy will probably cry for joy the next time she puppy sits him!

Steve & Krista G.

December 7

I have now used Rafaela on two occasions to

take care of our dog Chester, and I would highly recommend her. I selected Rafaela in part because of her experience with older dogs, and I say that my old boy really seems to perk when he's with her! She gives him tons of attention and love, and is very attentive to his needs (especially medications, etc.). I love getting text updates from Rafaela, with pictures included, showing what a great time he is having. She is very careful not to mix him too much with rowdy dogs who might overwhelm his quiet and aging nature. She sent her dogs to family while during his stay. I appreciate that she gave him such love over the Christmas break when we were away, so he could have a nice holiday and vacation (away from his human siblings!). Thanks, Rafaela!

Aubrie C.
October 9
I feel strongly about writing this 

about the quality care Rafaela has provided to our little boy Snowflake. Snowflake has stayed with Rafaela for prolonged periods of time while we were overseas. He was always happy to go to her home and he was well loved and cared for - well worth more than we were paying. When Snowflake was going through illness with multiple vet visits, blood transfusions due to internal bleeding and medications the vets couldn't figure out what the catalyst was that was making him sick. After a couple of months it was recommended we euthanize Snowflake. I panicked my baby was only 4 yrs. old. I felt helpless. I contacted Rafaela we sat down and went over all Snowflakes medical records and medications. Next was a list of foods, changes in environment, diet, family and other pets. It was my last resort; Rafaela suggested I stop the foods (inform my vet) and put Snowflake on a completely low residue Organic diet with low oxalate content. But still give some tummy coating meds to help support healing, inflammation and get bleeding under control.
The reason I am sharing this - It SAVED Snowflakes life.. So when anyone asked about Rafaela's integrity or ability to care for pets I jump at the chance to give a raving testimonial. Just ask Snowflake !.

Shannon G.
April 2016
Rafaela - Thank you so much 
for the kindness & support you 

showed Murphy in his final days.

​​ - 267-702-3443

Vincent F.
September 30
I have known Rafaela for over 
eight years.

She has helped me with my pet dogs and has taken care of them when I travel. They have had some special needs in regard to medicines and ointments which she took charge of conscientiously. She is very knowledgeable in dog care and attentive to their needs. She has commented on having owned several different breeds in the past, both large and small, so I know she has broad experience with various breeds. I see that she takes very good care of her own dogs and even makes her own dog food. I would recommend her highly as a special private care provider.



The very best dedication, love and care our

dog has have ever received from a dog sitter.

 Rafaela is no ordinary sitter she offers specialized individual care which made a huge difference in our dogs anxiety. We have had issues with leaving our dog with sitters because he would get anxious and shake we couldn't figure it out. In short Rafaela nailed it by assessing him for a week and then started with behavior modification. Our dog no longer has the anxiety he had with previous dog sitters And he loves going to Rafaela's!! Just some advise to other dog owners.. I'm sure somewhere there are great dog sitters out there however we had bad luck finding one. If your sitter isn't qualified to properly pair dogs - your dog can get psychologically traumatized or hurt or both without you even knowing. Most sitters take in dogs for income without regard to how they would get along with other dogs - with absolutely no training or skills. Here's a small tidbit of information - we used a reputable local public daycare facility, came early to pickup we were told we will get your dog. (I could hear dogs barking and strange whimpering coming from the back of the facility). So I walked back all dogs were in wire cages! A couple of the dogs we so frightened and shaking! So when you think your dog is playing all day at a public daycare guess again! I was then told they let them out at certain times to play which was quite different from what we were told about their program at the initial appointment! Don't know about anyone else but I'm not paying for my dog to be in a cage for most of the day - I can do that at home! We will never know exactly what was happening to our furry love or how he was treated when we left him with other sitters/dogs but it obviously wasn't a positive experience for Brado who is so sweet and submissive - we feel horrible this happened to him! We highly recommend and want to thank Rafaela ( for her loving dedication to all dogs! The Cullen Family! Be careful. Dogs do bully other dogs! 



Rafaela is an amazing doggie caregiver! The play

and exercise area, both indoor and outside is beautiful and Zen-like. Multiple daily walks off property in the beautiful wooded area, and behavior assessments (and help with modifying any behaviors of concern) are a wonderful bonus to her business. When we leave our pet there for the day or overnight, Rafaela is always very communicative about how his day(s) are going, and able to be reached quickly if any issues arise. Honestly, if I was a dog, this is where I would want to spend my days! She is truly a wonderful care giver and trusted friend to our pet!

Kathy K                                         

March 2, 2018                                  

Just wanted to let you know Jersey went

over the Rainbow yesterday  afternoon.

She stayed with us for an additional 4 months after her cancer diagnosis. We loved her very much and she is everywhere we look but most of all she is in our hearts. We always thought you were a great caregiver for Jersey when we weren't available. Thank You!