Specialized Private Care Services

5 days Soft Tissue - Post Surgical -2.5 yr -

 Patient has had an ovariectomy,  Controlled activity i.e. 10 days until sutures are removed, Elizabethan collar. i.e. 24hr supervision

Disclaimer: It is understood that I provide a specialized private home care for your dog. By leaving your dog with me you are agreeing and understand I am not a public boarding facility, veterinarian or professional dog walker and I can not give any kind of medical diagnosis. I will not be held responsible for any losses, damages or actions done by your dog or to your dog or property while your dog is in my care. I am not responsible for any decisions you make as a result of my services. Release: By hiring me; I will not be responsible nor will you hold me liable for any injuries or damages caused to your dog/property, caused by your dog, caused by or to someone elses dog, persons, or property while in my care.  

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Senior Dogs - Post Surgical - Convalescing - Hospice - Wound Care -

Whelping - Medication Administration - Puppy & All Holiday Rates

Supervised Overnight Care 


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Puppies, Medicine Administration,

holidays & other

Specialized Care

Supervised Daytime Care 


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Puppies, Medication Administration, weekends, holidays & other

Specialized Care

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Post Surgical - 8 months - Patient had extensive multiple tooth Extraction. Pain and swelling. i.e. Medications b.i.d. for pain & inflammation  also stomach aliments 6 medications tid soft diet. 5 day i.e. 24hr supervision

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5 days Soft Tissue - Post Surgical -2 yr - Patient has had an ovariectomy, liver biopsy (histopathology (A-FBX), aerobic/anaerobic bacterial cultures and copper quantification). Controlled activity i.e. 14 days until sutures are removed, Elizabethan collar. i.e. 24hr supervision

Senior - End of life Care - Hospice - Patient has Cognitive Dysfunction, deafness, Incontinence, 

tid medication schedule, special diet, at times non-ambulatory, falls down needs help getting up standing and walking. i.e. 24hr supervision

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Daily rates apply 10:00 am

Day of Surgery - Post Surgical - Laser Castration  1 yr - Patient laid on fl. 3 hrs until patient fell asleep. High pain until meds kicked in

tid. 10 day confinement

i.e. 24hr supervision