Post Surgical - 8 months Patient had extensive multiple tooth Extraction. Pain and swelling. i.e. Meds b.i.d. for pain & inflammation  also GI inflammatory disease 6 meds tid soft diet. 5 day i.e. 24hr supervision

Day of Surgery - Post Surgical - Laser Castration  1 yr  

laid on fl. 3 hrs until patient fell asleep. Extreme pain until meds kicked in

tid. 10 day confinement

i.e. 24hr supervision 

Going Home!

I'm feeling much better!

Supervised Nanny Care 


per night


not included:

Puppies, Medication Administration,

holidays & other

Specialized Care

Other Specialized - Nanny Services


flat rate Comprehensive

per day or night



Senior Dogs - Post Surgical - Convalescing - Hospice - Wound Care -

Whelping - Medication Administration - Puppies under 1yr & All Holiday Rates

5 days Soft Tissue - Post Surgical -2.5 yr 

 Patient had 

ovariectomy,  Controlled activity i.e. 10 days until sutures are removed, Elizabethan collar. i.e. 24hr supervision

Disclaimer: It is understood that I provide a specialized private home care for your dog. By leaving your dog with me you are agreeing and understand I am not a public boarding facility, veterinarian or professional dog walker and I can not give any kind of medical diagnosis. I will not be held responsible for any losses, damages or actions done by your dog or to your dog or property while your dog is in my care. I am not responsible for any decisions you make as a result of my services. Release: By hiring me; I will not be responsible nor will you hold me liable for any injuries or damages caused to your dog/property, caused by your dog, caused by or to someone elses dog, persons, or property while in my care.  

5 days Soft Tissue - Post Surgical -2 yr 

 Patient had an ovariectomy, liver biopsy (histopathology (A-FBX), aerobic/anaerobic bacterial cultures and copper quantification). Controlled activity i.e. 14 days until sutures are removed, Elizabethan collar. i.e. 24hr supervision

Senior - End of life Care Hospice

Patient has Cognitive Dysfunction, deafness, Incontinence, 

tid medication schedule, special diet, at times non-ambulatory, falling needs help standing and walking. i.e. 24hr supervision

Specialized Private Care Services

Supervised Nanny Care 


per day
not included:
Puppies, Medication Administration, weekends, holidays & other

Specialized Care

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