In Loving Memory 

   Chester - 16

   June 1, 2016

   Rest In Peace


 -The Goodman Family                           Hospice

Rafaela, We took Chester in this afternoon. It was really hard for us. Rough for us but I think it was peaceful for him (I hope). I wanted to thank you for everything you've done for Chester in the short time we've known you. Not many "dog sitters" would be so personally invested and we really appreciate it. I know Chester loved visiting you and I'm sad he won't be able to spend time with you anymore. Thank you so much. If we can ever do anything for you, please let us know. 


In Honor of our Canine Hero's

In Loving Memory

    Tucker - 14

      July 2017

 Rest In Peace

- Shawn                                  Abdominal Cancer

I want to thank you for giving

Tucker the best last 7 days of his life. He so enjoyed running around playing puppy tag with his new friends, sniffing throughout the trails and gardens. You gave him the pup vacation any pup could ask for. A heartfelt thank you for your loving care and support. Tucker could not of been happier!

Emma 2007 - 4 yrs

In Loving Memory

   Rusty N. - 14

      Nov 2019

 Rest In Peace

- Linda N.                                            Hospice

Rafaela, just wanted to let you know we put Rusty to sleep this morning. He had really gone downhill fast, kindest thing to do but will miss him. 

MORE to come:

In Loving Memory
   Bitsy M. - 15
 Rest In Peace

- Jeffery M.                                                
Bitsy was a 15yr old mix breed rescue that has been my sidekick and best friend for 13 years. At age 11 she was totally blind and deaf. By age 13 Bitsy became Incontinent with back, hip and joint issues. She was unable to stand, walk or get up by herself. Although she loved to feel the sunshine and a summer breeze on her face she was in extreme pain. I thank dogsitter247 for providing Bitsy a safe environment to sniff green grass and bask in the sun and shade on her last days. Rafaela provided such love and care to Bitsy. I am eternally grateful. Bitsy appeared to enjoy her last days at Rafaela's. 

​​ - 267-702-3443

In Loving Memory

   Rusty G. - 14

      Oct 2019

  Rest In Peace                                                                                                   Hospice

- Tom G.                                                 

Being a senior and a recent widower I found myself in a house now occupied only by myself and my
aging Cocker Spaniel Rusty. At 14 years old, Rusty was actually older than me in dog years and we
were both beginning to show our age, although I never heard him complain. Since he had separation
anxiety I didn't feel comfortable leaving him at home for extended periods so I tried several pet
boarders in the area. He always seemed stressed upon return, probably because he had never been
caged before. Then by luck I became aware of Rafaela's specialized Dog Sitting Service and fortunately it was near my home. 
After Rusty's initial evaluation he started “visiting” Rafaela on a regular basis and always returned
home happy and full of energy. Unfortunately as his health deteriorated with heart disease and kidney
failure, Rafaela was always willing to care for him. She administered his medications, kept an eye on
him at night and even massaged his legs when he had trouble getting up. Loving attention above and
beyond what I could ever expect.

Rusty spent his last day in Rafaela's care and she knew it was time, something I had trouble addressing, but also knew. Both Rusty and I are deeply grateful for the compassionate attention he received while in her attentive care. Rusty was a trooper til the end and I am comforted knowing his last days were pleasant.

In Loving Memory 

    Murphy - 16

     April 2016

  Rest In Peace


 - Shannon G.                                        Hospice

Rafaela, Thank you so much for the kindness & support you showed Murphy & I in his final days. I'm not sure I would have made it without knowing you were there to take care of him. It meant a lot to the both of us that you got to say goodbye. Also, thank you for the beautiful flowers!

In Loving Memory

      Rocky - 15

      May 2017

   Rest In Peace


-Ken & Betsy                                            

Our miniature poodle Rocky has the canine equivalent of Alzheimer disease. He began to experience dizzy spells when he was 13 years old, about September of 2015, and had a full evaluation at University of Pennsylvania at that time. Shortly thereafter, he also tore his ACL and underwent ACL repair in January of 2016. We discovered that steroids diminished his dizzy spells, and he has been on Prednisone  since then. We had been unable to vacation or even leave home for more than a few hours since Rocky became ill; he needs individual attention, and, even though we discussed the situation with his local veterinarian, we could not find anyone to give me respite until we were referred to Rafaela at a local restaurant.  It was several months before calling her. By then Rocky had become more confused, and he is also nearly blind and hard of hearing. He wears diapers , although he also is taken outside. He still loves to eat, and does still appear to enjoy our company, and we just were not ready to let him go quite yet. As it was becoming impossible to care for him at night (a symptom of the disease is insomnia), we finally called Rafaela, and she has been helping us out now for about 6 months. She  states that she is available 24/7,  and that she does hospice work and special care for dogs, and she is true to her promise in every way. Rocky is often up until 2 or 3 am, and she sits with him and adjusts the fan, gives him snacks and massages, and generally watches over him until he can sleep. She manages his evening Tramadol, and she is willing and able to handle any and all physical and emotional situations that arise from hospice care. She is as much of a dog lover as my wife and I are, and that is a pretty strong statement! She is always calm and kind with Rocky and with all the dogs in her care. We enjoy seeing Rafaela and all of the dogs when I pick up and drop off Rocky. We find that we can talk to her about all of the end of life dog issues we are experiencing. My wife is a physician for humans, but having an aging dog is in a different category, and the veterinarians today, in our experience, are not particularly empathic. It may seem excessive to use "hospice" care for a pet, but we know that there are many of us out there who are not that quick to euthanize, and we certainly need help during that last period of time. Rafaela's prices are very reasonable for how much she is able to help us, and she has mentioned that she will work with pet insurance plans that cover hospice. We cannot recommend her more highly. She provides the exact services she promises, and you will not regret bringing her into the "family" it takes to care for aging animals.