Well versed in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, safety when working with sick and or injured animals including restraint and transportation of injured animals, choking and common medical emergencies, post-surgical, hospice, senior care, administering medications, determining medical emergencies as well as other specialized canine care. I am  within 10 min.of a well-established veterinary hospital should there be any kind of emergency.

Private Specialized Dog Care
Property to Play – Safe – Fenced Yard – Experienced - Vet References Available
Offering a quiet and safe home with a large privately fenced yard for your dog to run and play. Pets can relax on the large covered front porch offering protection from the sun and other elements. Your dog can freely meander through the organic gardens which are free of chemical sprays and other harmful fertilizers. 

My experience, education, research, dedication and love:

My education and life experiences together with growing up on a farm have exposed me to a lifetime of professional training in a diversity of proficiencies such as the integration and administering of medications, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, safety when working with sick and or injured animals including restraint and transportation of injured animals, choking and common medical emergencies, Canine Myofascial Syndrome, rehabilitation, life supportive care. My knowledge extends to a heterogeneous range of animal training, procreation, and animal husbandry as well as the responsibility, compassion, and commitment in the nurturing of our cherished pets.

A 30+yr. background in ancient holistic medicine has evolved in the development and application

of Phytomedicine through whole food consumption in dog health. I have written and published both medical and research articles on dog health and the prevention of canine disease. 

My love and perseverance in the curative and prevention of illness and disease in dogs have resulted in a whole food brand of organic dog products in the marketplace.

Like people, canines have their own personalities and needs that require personalized attention which will be affectionately provided. With specialized care your dog is part of our family and treated as such. Rest assured your loving pet will be well accommodated as well as happy and comfortable.

No kennel runs or outdoor cages. Offering private specialized dog care; therefore, contingent upon your pup(s) care needs there maybe 1 - 4 dogs as to give them the quality care they require and deserve.

Contact me for more information on schedule availability.


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Specialized Canine
Care Specialist  

Dog Sitting is a private specialized dog care services to fit your dogs individual needs.

DogSitter247.com offers a solution to the growing demand for quality private specialized dog care. Offering a personalized one on one service that caters to the individual needs of your dog. The mission and goal is to provide a specialized care service for dogs who require individualized or supportive care. This alleviates the concern of leaving a bored  pet or a pet with special needs confined at home without supervision or in a facility with improperly paired dogs which leaves them vulnerable to injury, trauma, and stress. Whether it is post surgical healing, hospice care, aging ailments, rehabilitation, behavioral modification or other specific requirements, rest assured your dog will be attended to in the comfort of a private home atmosphere and stress-free environment. Special activities, medication administration, post surgical care, senior special needs, maternity care, and specialized puppy care. Your dog will get the love and attention they deserve.